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Are you looking for an automatic barrier, RFID card reader, parking system, turnstile, operating column or a different access control system?

For each project, we offer a tailored solution.

Parkeersystemen Alphatronics

Parking management

Alphatronics offers different scenarios to manage your parking, including automatic barriers as well as access control with paying and non-paying parking solutions.

logistieke toegangscontrole

Logistics/ port area access control

Time is money. Efficient solutions for a smooth circulation of freight on industrial sites.

installatie recyclagepark

Access control for waste recycling centres

Belgium is a leading country with regard to waste recycling centres. Alphatronics is the trendsetter in this market.

Parkeersysteem voor banken

Private parking system for offices, companies, banks

Your office/ bank has a number of parking spaces reserved for your customers?

Draaikruis Turnis-Q Linus voor Fitness

Acces control for leisure, swimming pools and sports clubs

You would like to manage your sports club or leisure centre more efficiently?
We deliver a customised configuration for your ticketing, perimeter security and access control system.

Camping_Camperpark parkeersysteem

Access control for campsites and private parking for mobile homes

You would like to manage your campsite more efficiently using automatic barriers, access control and software.

Alphatronics in the Healthcare sector

“Modern technologies benefit autonomy, comfort and the well-being of patients, elderly, people with disabilities and those with chronic diseases.”

Alphatronics Borgoplossingen Bedterminal
Alphatronics Zorgoplossing Deurbode
Alphatronics Borgoplossingen Bedterminal
Alphatronics Zorgoplossingen

Alphatronics develops and designs tailored HealthCare systems which are managed from the AT platform:

“Alphatronics provides accessible care systems that are easily operable. No clinical solutions but a domestic design with multiple features.”

Made in Belgium

30 years of experience with regard to access control, automatic barriers, turnstiles, parking systems and active in several sectors:

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“We are one of few manufacturers who combine access control with physical enclosures, guaranteeing a total solution.”

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