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Depending on location, size and specific circumstances, there are many solutions to optimize your parking lot

LPR License plate recognition

Easily grant access based on whitelisted license plates.

All-in-one parking solution

Parking strategy, EV charging, reservation, invoicing... One package for your complete parking management.

Daily rental of parking spaces

For example, making your parking available at events.

Monthly rental of parking spaces

Make excess parking spaces available for surrounding businesses or residents.

Payment parking

Make your parking available to external users outside office hours.

Reservation of parking spaces

Allow your staff, customers/visitors to reserve their parking spaces.

Parking space counting

Visual display of number of available parking spaces at your car park.


Various charging points for electric vehicles with reservation tool and monitoring to optimise the availability.


Perimeter surveillance through automatic real-time analysis and processing of video images (Video Content Analysis).

Software and Parking platforms


Comfort Parking

Classic parking solution with tickets

Very easy through the use of algorithms.

  • No data cabling, infinitely expandable
  • No complex software, user-friendly
  • Different payment options (via separate payment kiosk, cash & cashless)

The parking solution for following markets:

  • Retail
  • Recreation
  • Shopping malls
  • Managed environment


Parking solution based on token generation by linking bank card with license plate recognition

  • Ticketless
  • User-friendly by using 7" guidance screen
  • Unlimited expandability
  • Different payment options, cash & cashless
  • Hybrid solution
  • No complex software

The parking solution for following markets:

  • Public parking lots
  • Truck parking lots
  • Hotels
  • Managed and unmanaged environment


Parking solution based on license plate recognition developed for multi-hub and multi-tenant use, for all types of Smart City B2B environments

  • Self-operating, using smart logic and artificial intelligence
  • Generates new revenue streams and maximizes return on investment
  • Ability to integrate with existing hardware and third-party systems
  • Excellent user experience

The parking solution for following markets:

  • Business centers
  • B2B environment


Cloud-based parking solution based on license plate recognition for use in commercial parking lots

  • Ticketless
  • Creation of (un)registered driver pool
  • User-friendly by using 7" guidance screen
  • Unlimited expandability
  • Cashless
  • Reservations & subscriptions
  • Management software SaaS

The parking solution for following markets:

  • Commercial parking lots
  • Managed and unmanaged environments
  • Hotels


We guarantee the fast and smooth routing of vehicles through identification and physical barriers.

We achieve this by marketing sustainable, self-developed, smart systems that result in greater comfort and security.


Installation and Service

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Maintenance contracts for help desk and service.

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