Our products

Our products are located within the segment of access control and more specifically - physical closures for use in the carparks, industry and waste markets.

When developing our products, we always focus on the following 3 characteristics:

1. Modularity

2. Connectivity (for monitoring and optimal service)

3. Accessibility (third-party integration)


Vehicle access control

A fast and efficient flow of vehicles at entrances and exits; at Alphatronics we have more than 30 years of experience to protect and make sites accessible in a safe and flexible way.

With our matching operating columns in combination with a ticket scanner, badge reader, ANPR camera or mobile phone module, you control who is welcome to enter your site.


Pedestrian access control

A turnstile is an access control system designed to provide safe and convenient controlled access to secure areas such as entrances to industrial sites, stadiums, swimming pools, leisure parks or other protected locations.

At Alphatronics, we have both half-height and full-height turnstiles in our range.


Operating columns, pillars and equipment

As a manufacturer, we are able to meet many market demands with our wide range of CCTV-columns and operating columns.

From a simple column with a badge reader or an intercom to an interactive operating column...
We provide an accessible and high-quality solution to match the look and feel of your services.

All columns and kiosks are manufactured in-house from durable materials such as aluminium or stainless steel.



To communicate with our hardware, we are constantly working to complete our REST API. This allows smooth integration by external software developers.

With these applications we offer solutions for the following sectors: parking, healthcare, industry, transport, tank terminals, retail, education, waste management, recreation and hotel sector ...

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