Waste management


Pioneers in access control for recycling parks

Nowhere in the world is there such a high percentage of household and industrial waste collected selectively than in Flanders.

Alphatronics has been active in the field of specific access control hardware for recycling parks for 30 years.

Through efficient access control and differentiated pricing, Flanders has succeeded in recycling up to 73% of its waste.

We put our know-how at the disposal of partners worldwide.

Alphatronics delivers durable and vandal-proof materials specifically developed for use in recycling parks.



With our partner INOVIM, customers can go for the design, installation and maintenance of recycling parks.


We guarantee the fast and smooth routing of vehicles through identification and physical barriers. The different types of access and payment kiosks are made of durable materials and equipped with high-tech modules.


More than 30 years of in-house experience and, in collaboration with Inovim, more than 170 recycling parks already installed.

How does a recycling park work?

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