Automatic barriers

Discover the entire Alphatronics range for your perimeter access solutions. Automatic barriers for site security or parking management, find the barrier that meets your needs.

Alphatronics automatic barriers are designed to control vehicle access to a car park, a company or an industrial site.

With our automatic barriers, a passageway of 2 to 8 metres can be closed. For underground car parks, we offer a barrier with an articulated barrier boom.

Automatic barrier Smart-One

The "Smart-One" is the modular automatic barrier for intensive use. Besides its fast and almost-noiseless opening, the barrier has a long-lasting stability.

This barrier is designed to close entrances with a passage width up to 5.5 meters.

Automatic barrier S-line

To close medium to large passages at industrial and private sites, the use of an 'S-Line' barrier is the most suitable solution.

The S-Line industrial barrier is designed to close entrances up to 8 meters wide and can be equipped with an aluminum skirt to prevent under- and over-creep of the barrier boom.

Accessories for barriers

To equip our barriers, we have a number of useful tools and options.

Using our barrier matrix, you can find out which option is available on which type of barrier.

Following options are available:

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