Manual barriers

The manual barrier is widely used in market squares, school streets, recreational areas, parallel roads, company premises, campsites and in forests. On the one hand as security, on the other to prevent or regulate access.

A manually operated barrier can be locked in open and closed position with a cylinder lock.

To catch the barrier when it closes, you can choose between a fixed barrier support or a pendulum support. The fixed barrier support is fixed at ground level with a base plate.
The pendulum support is attached to the barrier itself and moves automatically with the barrier. 

Manual barrier 'ManuBar'

The manual barrier from Alphatronics has a modern design and provides reliable security to control access in applications with low frequency of use.

The manual barrier 'ManuBar' is produced in aluminum, resistant to all weather conditions.

The manual barrier comes complete, including barrier boom, and gas spring matched to the boom length. The length of the barrier arm is available from 2 to 7 meters.

The manual barrier is easy to install and maintenance-free.

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