Industrial sites

Perimeter protection at industrial sites

Queuing at the entrance or exit?
Frustrated visitors struggling to reach you?

Employees, visitors, contractors and suppliers want smooth and safe access.

You can optimise access to your site using various solutions:  

Barriers for industry and car parks

Barriers for car parks and industrial sites offer an effective solution for managing vehicle access. With an automated system, they accurately regulate access, increasing security and preventing unauthorised entry.

LPR Licence plate recognition

LPR licence plate recognition, also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, has a vital function in securing businesses and car parks. LPR provides an efficient and effective solution for maintaining security and boosting operational efficiency.

Full-height and semi-height turnstiles and passage gates

Our robust and reliable turnstiles offer an effective solution to manage access and deter unauthorised persons. With advanced technology, they provide a secure environment, protect property and ensure the safety of your staff and visitors.

CCTV-posts and surveillance

Strategically placed CCTV posts provide a high level of security, ensuring early detection of potential threats. With advanced cameras and real-time monitoring, your business can proactively respond to incidents and strengthen the protection of your assets and employees.

We secure your perimeter through automated real-time analysis and processing of video images (Video Content Analysis)

Registration columns and kiosks

Sign-in columns and kiosks where visitors and employees can register quickly and easily. This reduces queuing times and increases productivity.

Digital signage

Digital signage offers a multi-faceted and attractive solution to convey a message and reach customers. With dynamic displays and interactive content, you can reinforce your brand, promote products and services and communicate essential information.

EV charging

Charging electric vehicles (EVs) not only offers sustainable mobility options, but also benefits such as cost savings and reducing the eco-footprint. Installing charging infrastructure on your business promotes the use of electric mobility and contributes to a greener future.

Cyber Security

To avoid human interactions, the entire process is automated. For example; the ticket printer has been replaced by license plate recognition. No more hassle with lost tickets, ticket paper replenishment or paperjam resolution.

Bring all the benefits of logistics processes into one

Get real-time information about all trucks on-site or in waiting parking lots. Get insight into who is on time, who is late or who is early. So avoid unnecessary waiting costs or discussions.

Automatically allow the right tools and goods to be sent to the right gate.


We provide a comprehensive solution


Yard management

Benefit from yard expertise and apply the newest yard technology for Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing and Food & Beverage companies.
Get the yard management solution you deserve and simply close the gap between your warehouse and transportation operations

Discover our Yard Management solutions


We guarantee the quick and smooth guiding of vehicles and pedestrians through identification and physical barriers. All our products are manufactured in-house and extensively tested.

Installation and Service

Over 30 years of in-house experience. Continuous monitoring through our Aliot-Cloud platform. Maintenance contracts for help desk and service.

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