Access control optimization for industrial sites

Securing the area around industrial sites

Employees, visitors, contractors and suppliers want smooth and safe passage.

You can optimise the access to your yard by means of various solutions:

  • Automatic barriers for industry and car parks
  • License plate recognition
  • Full-height and semi-height turnstiles
  • CCTV-columns and surveillance
  • Registration kiosks and pillars
  • Digital signage
  • EV charging

In addition to physical closure, it is equally important to keep out digital threats. Our connected solutions are screened daily and are secure against cyber attacks.

Bring all the benefits of logistics processes together

Get information about all trucks on-site or in waiting parking lots at any time. Get insights on who is on time, who is late or who is early. Thus avoid unnecessary waiting costs or discussions.

Automatically have the right tools and the right goods sent to the right gate.


We provide a comprehensive solution


Yard management

Benefit from yard expertise and apply the newest yard technology for Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing and Food & Beverage companies.
Get the yard management solution you deserve and simply close the gap between your warehouse and transportation operations

Discover our Yard Management solutions


We guarantee the quick and smooth guiding of vehicles and pedestrians through identification and physical barriers. All our products are manufactured in-house and extensively tested.

Installation and Service

Over 30 years of in-house experience. Continuous monitoring through our Aliot-Cloud platform. Maintenance contracts for help desk and service.

Optimizing your industrial site together?

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