Vehicle detection

In automatic barriers, it is essential to have reliable and accurate vehicle detection to ensure the safety and efficiency of through traffic.

Vehicle detection at barriers uses different technologies, such as inductive loops, light sensors, infrared sensors or radar sensor.

Vehicle loop detection

In most barrier installations, vehicle detection loops are installed in the road surface for automatic closing of the barrier after a vehicle passes or automatic opening for outbound traffic. 

Photocell sensor for automatic barriers

Set of 2 surface mounted photoelectric sensors for barrier protection ensure that the open/close cycle is aborted when the infrared beam is interrupted.

Opening and safety sensor for barriers

The laser sensor offers a real alternative to induction loops: time gain during installation, detection of all types of vehicles and greater adaptability. This laser sensor for rising barriers is used to open, secure and/or detect a presence.

Radar sensor for automatic barriers

When the radar sensor detects that a vehicle is within a certain distance of the barrier, it sends a signal to the barrier system to open or close the barrier.

This helps manage traffic flow and ensures that the barrier opens when a vehicle approaches and closes after the vehicle has passed the barrier.

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