Parking solution for hotel Mercure Antwerp City

Mercure Antwerp City South is part of the Accor Group. Accor is one of the world's leading hotel companies and operates a wide range of hotel brands, including Mercure, Novotel, Ibis and many others.

They want to remove the extra pressure around their parking operations and opt for an automated solution.


Specific needs

  • Link hotel reservations to parking sessions
  • Reserve and link events and meetings to parking sessions
  • Ability to pay for parking sessions online during reservation
  • Ability to pay for reserved parking sessions at check-out
  • Ability to pay for non-reserved parking sessions at the exit
  • Equip the underground parking with a speed gate for entry and exit, license plate recognition cameras, and an intercom system
  • Remove the existing sectional gate
  • User-friendly

Offered solution


We have ensured that the hotel's online reservation system is linked to the parking system.

After making a reservation, visitors can enter and exit the parking lot throughout the entire reservation period.

When the reservation period ends, users can pay for parking at check-out. After payment, visitors can exit the parking lot for a limited time. Staff no longer need to manually track the duration of parking sessions. Our parking solution calculates this amount completely automatically. If visitors decide to leave their car parked for longer, they can do so and exit the parking lot after paying for the elapsed parking time at the exit kiosk. Payment is made cashless via a payment terminal that accepts common debit and credit cards.


The access to the underground parking was through a sectional gate. This gate was heavily used by staff, hotel guests, and individuals who had reserved the meeting and event spaces.

Considering that such gates are not suitable for heavy use, we have installed a speedgate for entering and exiting, and removed the sectional gate.

A speedgate also provides increased security for parking access.

Licence plate recognition

Users of the parking lot must register in advance on the online booking platform, where they need to enter their license plate number. To enter and exit the parking lot, license plate recognition cameras are installed. These cameras are built into an anti-vandalism-resistant column. The parking system is linked to the booking platform, allowing users to seamlessly use the parking facility via the license plate recognition cameras.


At the entrance and exit, control terminals with an intercom are installed, which is linked to the hotel's telephone system. The intercom is an additional service provided to customers.

Payment terminal

At the exit, in addition to an intercom, there is also a payment terminal installed. If necessary, the parking user can still pay for any additional parking time elapsed.


The parking automation operates with intelligent software that is connected via REST API to modern hardware equipment. The provided software solution is a hybrid cloud solution.

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