About us


Belgian family business

Alphatronics is a Belgian family business of innovators.

Since 1987, we have been transforming the future of "Access Technology" with high-quality solutions combined with advanced product expertise.

Our mission is to provide access management solutions with exclusive design and innovative technology to optimize, unburden and share information for cities/companies.

Count on us for:

  • a comprehensive and innovative product range
  • creative and thoughtful solutions
  • technical and commercial support from our enthusiastic and experienced team

We treat your queries with care and work out a detailed plan.


Creativity and Design

Alphatronics is the result of combining Belgian design - tradition with personal creativity, passion and flexibility.


To inspire decision makers through driven innovation and exclusive design technology for seamless integration into the city and corporate landscape.


Development and Innovation

Alphatronics products are conceived and developed in-house.

Their unique designs have unmatched functionalities.

More than 30 years of craftsmanship and continuous product research, development and innovation are our basic foundations.

Industry 4.0

We believe and are strongly committed to tangible interaction and connectivity between man and machine.

We are already pushing this very hard in our latest developments.


Production and quality

Own manufacturer together with our subsidiary Qugar.

In-house activities

  • Machining: turning and milling
  • Forming: cutting, punching and bending
  • Joining: welding of non-ferrous materials and stainless steels
  • Surface treatment: polishing and sanding
  • Assembly

Customers worldwide

Our products and systems are ready for export.

Customers are mainly located in Europe and Africa.