Comfort Parking Residential care - De Linde

Comfort Parking with payment column, 2 barriers at the entrance and 2 barriers at the exit.

Staff and residents of the residential care center can freely use the parking lot by using the RFID card reader at the entrance and exit.

For 15 minutes, visitors can freely use the available parking spaces in the car park. When the parking time is exceeded, the exit ticket must be validated at the payment column at the entrance of the residential care center.

A kiss-and-ride zone is provided between the 2 barriers, which is opened briefly before and after school hours for the parents of school-age children.


Specific needs

  • Provide limited parking for neighboring school
  • Pay parking for long-term parkers
  • Residents can rent badge to park
  • User-friendly

Solution offered

Kiss & Ride / residential care centre + monastery

The two entrances and two exits to the car park(s) are provided with operating columns and barriers.

To enter, visitors simply take a ticket with a code at the entrance operating column. After taking the ticket, the barrier opens.

To exit, the visitor presents a ticket with a code at the exit operating column. If access is authorised, the ticket will be swallowed and the barrier will open.

Otherwise, the ticket will be returned, the barrier will not open and the visitor should proceed to the payment terminal.

Through automatically generated messages, visitors are guided both on entry and exit.

Parking staff and suppliers

The car park is closed with a barrier for entry and a second one for exit.

To enter, an operating column of 2.4m height will be provided with an intercom and a badge reader at 2 heights. A similar operating column will be installed to exit at the second barrier.

After presenting their personal badge (staff) and authorised access, the barrier will open. After passage, it will close automatically.

Suppliers who do not have a badge can log in through the intercom. A code can be entered by means of a telephone device after ringing the entrance or exit.

Civil works

To install the kiosks and barriers, traffic islands were constructed and cable conduits and cabling were installed.

To secure the barrier against collisions, the ­necessary safety loops were provided in the road surface.

Comfort Parking platform

Authorised access is based on a Comfort Parking algorithm.

Thanks to this algorithm, the entire parking system (entrance/exit terminal, barriers, POS terminal, payment cash register) requires no data cabling and there is no limitation on the number of entrances and exits.

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