Half-height turnstiles

The Tripo-D half-height turnstile concentrates the main qualities of pedestrian access in a turnstile that is robust, compact and easy to install. Bidirectional, it is ideal for gyms and for the control of the entry and exit in SMEs, libraries, auditoriums, gyms, trade shows etc...

In addition to the turnstile, a passage gate in aluminium or glass can be installed to provide access for reduced mobility persons, vendors and baby carriages.

Tripo-D half-height turnstile

With its stylish stainless steel design, the half-height turnstile 'Tripo-D satisfies for areas with high design requirements.

The Tripo-D half-height turnstiles can be equipped with different types of card readers, bar code scanners, arrow cross signage, etc.

The turnstile is bidirectional and can be configured according to your needs, for example controlled entry and free exit, etc.

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