Aliot is the Alphatronics Cloud platform that allows to remotely monitor the equipment. Together with the SmartController, this allows to fully engage in 'Smart Maintenance', which means that we collect various parameters so that maintenance is only carried out when really necessary. This also allows to intervene before things go wrong.

In this way, we achieve the best of both worlds: on the one hand, an expensive breakdown is avoided, and on the other, no unnecessary preventive maintenance is done. An additional advantage of more planned maintenance instead of corrective maintenance is that it becomes possible to properly plan the required service engineers and also to match the spare parts planning.

Aliot Cloud connect

Aliot is the Alphatronics Cloud platform that allows remote monitoring of equipment. Together with the SmartController, this is fully committed to "Smart Maintenance.

Aliot Parking counting

Discover an innovative solution for efficiently managing the number of vehicles and individuals present in a zone.

With reliable detection technologies and a user-friendly cloud platform, we offer precise registration of counter readings, enabling online configuration changes and real-time visualization.

Our system ensures seamless operation, even offline, and optimizes flow at entrances. Additionally, we provide a full-fledged REST API for seamless integration with external software packages.

Explore how our solution enhances mobility and efficiency.

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