Aliot Cloud connect

The cloud platform that can guarantee the reliability of your access

A solution that operates and continues to operate, that is what Alphatronics wants to guarantee.

By monitoring your barriers, turnstiles, speedgates, gates, etc., we can respond to failures even before they occur.

Aliot backs up the technician who performs maintenance on your equipment.

In addition, Aliot also provides the ability to remotely control and monitor this equipment.


Reduce your operational costs by connecting your equipment!

  1. Get a notification even before a failure occurs

  2. Leverage ALIOT's knowledge
    ALIOT indicates where a failure is occurring and provides tips & tricks for repair

  3. Track the status of your equipment from anywhere

  4. Be able to open/close your equipment from anywhere

ALIOT even more accessible through the ALIOT app

ALIOT is safe!

We guarantee you a secure software application by using the latest security standards and adjusting continuously, with the goal of preventing unauthorized persons from controlling your access.

Your application in ALIOT?

Through the edge controller, developed by Alphatronics, it is possible to also make your device and/or software application visible in Aliot.


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