News: Is your school ready for a school street

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Why a school street?

A school street is a street near an educational institution where motorized traffic is not allowed during certain hours. This is usually at the beginning and end of the school day, for half an hour.

The closure is done with a traffic sign C3 equipped with an under sign that reads "school street," unless the under sign provides an exception for certain motor vehicles.

The street is accessible to pedestrians, bicycles and speed pedelecs. The street will, of course, remain accessible to emergency vehicles. Those who do come by car can park a little further and walk up to the school gate.

Exiting the school street (e.g. by residents) is allowed unless otherwise determined by the road manager.

A school street offers numerous benefits, we like to list them:
  1. Less particulate matter and exhaust fumes.

  2. Better air quality in the classroom.

  3. Less traffic chaos at the school gate.

  4. A safe school environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

  5. Sustainable travel increases.

  6. Children, youth and parents move more.

  7. Children gain more experience in traffic.

  8. The street is more accessible to emergency services.

  9. There is greater social control of offenders.

  10. A quiet and pleasant neighborhood.

  11. More contact between parents, teachers, local residents and local merchants.


A safe school street without lugging fences....

With the "ManuBar" manual barrier, we have the tool to offer a discreet, durable and easy-to-use solution. The manual barrier is delivered ready to use and requires hardly any maintenance after installation. No more dragging the barriers before and after school.

One turn of the key and the barrier can be placed in the open or closed position.

Feel like having a school street in your school district? Then don't hesitate to do it!

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