Petrol and EV-charging stations

Electric cars have become ubiquitous on the streets, which is why the demand for EV-charging infrastructure is increasing.

Optimise your gas station and EV-charging area

As a gas station, you want to respond to this demand and provide a service to electric vehicle drivers by adding charging stations.

Digital signage can be used to communicate prices as well as offer entertainment options such as news, weather updates, sports scores or even streaming video content. This way you create a pleasant and transparent charging experience for drivers.


Simple checking of the present license plates.


Several charging points with reservation facility and control panel to optimise availability.


Perimeter surveillance through automatic real-time analysis and processing of video images (Video Content Analysis).

Digital Signage

Enhances the customer experience and provides the ability to;

  • communicate effectively
  • promote your brand
  • create flexible content management
  • provide interactive experiences

Payment kiosks

Corrosion-free kiosks, made to measure.


We provide a comprehensive solution


Installation and Service

With over 30 years of experience, we offer the expertise for seamless integration of your complete system. A maintenance contract guarantees that the system will always perform optimally. Helpdesk with professional and fast service!


Our devices are monitored online through the Cloud platform Aliot. There we collect data on performance and identify potential problems. Preventive maintenance is essential to minimize unplanned downtime.


In-house development and production, modularly designed to integrate with other business processes. It is in our DNA to innovate, always with the highest quality in mind.

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