RFID systems


ProXat-50 - Contactless RFID card reader

Contactless card reader for indoor and outdoor use

The card reader with RFID technology is a highly reliable way to detect and control electronically.


PL-10 - Contactless RFID card reader

The Alphatronics RFID card reader is a robust, stylish and contactless card reader.

Because of its high quality finish in OctoLine design it is easy to integrate into any environment.

The unit is supplied with a serial interface which enables a direct connection to the Alphatronics controllers.


ProXat-200 - Waterproof Wiegand card reader

With this waterproof Wiegand reader, in combination with the AT control panel, you create a programmable and simple solution for access control.


KeypAT-200 - Standalone RFID card reader and code keypad

With Alphatronics' waterproof code keypad & RFID card reader, you have programmable standalone solution for access control.


KeypAT-500 - Waterproof Wiegand card reader and code keypad

With this waterproof Wiegand RFID reader and code keypad, combined with the AT control panel you have a programmable and simple access control solution.


AT-Control board

With Alphatronics' dual-relay control board, you have a programmable standalone access control solution.


QuadraLine - RFID card reader

Contactless card reader for badges type Mifare UID or EM-4xxx.