Smart Parking Capacity Zwijnaarde

Tech Lane Ghent business park 'Eiland Zwijnaarde'

Various public and private partners are working together to develop the 'Eiland Zwijnaarde’ business park in Ghent and the Ardoyen Technology Park. All partners have high ambitions in terms of sustainability, ecosystem and architectural image quality.

In order to make maximum use of the complementary parking requirements of companies, we are working with a clustered parking organisation on 'Eiland Zwijnaarde'. In this way, the parking area is flexibly deployed according to actual needs.


Specific needs

  • Parking is only allowed in the communal car parks and designated parking areas
  • Reservation in advance is obligatory
  • Privileged parkers always have a parking space available
  • Companies can rent a fixed number of parking spaces per year
  • Visitors can reserve a variable parking space through a company (limited in time
  • Possibility of extending a reserved space (both before and after booking)
  • Overarching booking portal for the manager, car park operator(s), companies, user and visitor
  • For users and visitors, the booking portal is also available by app
  • Securing the unmanned car park
  • Link with control room

Offered solution


The entrances and exits of the car park(s) are provided with kiosks and automatic barriers. Users can enter and exit the car park by QR code and/or number plate recognition.

The kiosks are fitted with 12" colour touchscreen screens. Users are instructed by messages what they should do.

There is one entrance, one exit and a shared entrance and exit. The shared entrance/exit is provided with a lane signalisation (green arrow/red cross).

As the car park(s) are unstaffed, camera surveillance and street lighting have also been provided.

Civil works

To install the kiosks and barriers, traffic islands were constructed and cable conduits and cabling were installed.

To secure the barrier against collisions, the necessary safety loops were provided in the road surface.


All equipment is connected to a cloud-based management platform to set up, manage and monitoring the car park(s). To make this possible, a fixed Internet line from Proximus is provided.

Peripheral equipment is provided to guarantee that the car park(s) will continue to work at all times, even in the event of an internet failure.

The online platform controls all hardware equipment and records all system settings of the parking(s) such as; start parktime, end parktime, monetary value, time value, number, reserved, weekly profile, rate calculation, company, participant, etc.

Using the online platform (also available for mobile use via an app), parking spaces are booked and paid for in advance using time slots.

Control Room

In case of emergencies, users can call an control room.

The control room has access to the real-time camera images so they can even better assess how to help or guide the users.

In the process, all actions are logged on the online platform.

Maintenance and warranty

The parking facility is available and functional 24/7. 

To ensure this continues, a maintenance contract was concluded for a period of at least five years.

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