Alphatronics invests in the future

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From 1 January 2023, Jasmien Vanvooren will be Alphatronics' new CEO. She takes over the helm from her father Luc. A new wind, but not a new direction for Alphatronics. The experience remains on board, and the modus operandi also remains as solid as ever.

 On 1 January 2023, Jasmien Vanvooren officially becomes the CEO.

She has worked in the group for 10 years and knows better than anyone the challenges and opportunities that await Alphatronics. The appointment of Jasmien as CEO is a logical next stone to build on our solid foundation.


In doing so, Alphatronics ensures continuity of operation.

Founders Luc Vanvooren and Lieve Bekaert, parents of Jasmien and Niels, remain active within Alphatronics.

Luc maintains contact with a number of existing relationships and focuses on the Innovation LAB, a creative partnership aimed at developing new technologies and solutions for new markets.

Lieve remains in charge of HR and financial matters. Niels remains COO of sister company Qugar.


Rejuvenation in governance is a natural evolutionary process and even crucial to adequately meet future challenges.

The new CEO wants to use this opportunity to make the company even more forward-looking in a sustainable way.

Alphatronics continues in the same line while keeping its eyes open for new opportunities. Decisions and solutions always serve the long term.

Service orientation

Alphatronics' strengths are and remain our extensive expertise, robust products and impeccable design. Flexible solution and service orientation, in close cooperation with Qugar, are an essential part of our DNA.

The fact that we develop and produce everything ourselves in Belgium ensures that we always deliver state-of-the-art products. We cherish what we have built over the years, and together prepare Alphatronics for a bright future.