Identification systems

The Alphatronics access control columns and kiosks can be equipped with various devices such as card readers (EM, Mifare, Desfire), barcode readers (1D, 2D), code keypads, printers, displays, (video)intercoms...

The evolution of access control does not stand still, with the Alphatronics access control modules you will protect your building, your employees and you will give your company a professional image.

Barcode scanners

The Alphatronics barcode scanners are thoughtfully designed using quality materials. This guarantees a robust yet stylish product with a long service life.

We have 2 types of barcode scanners that are easy to use within access control systems where tickets are used.

LPR license plate recognition

Mounted or built-in, the Module-X IR is designed to perform both ANPR-X and deep learning tasks.

The dual camera system is equipped with a daylight filter, a P-iris, synchronized IR LED, an IR sensitive and a colour sensor.

The hardware configuration is ideal to capture license plates under all weather and light conditions, while at the same time run a deep learning task.

RFID systems

Multi-technology cardreaders for identification of persons.

These readers are specially designed to read multiple technologies, such as smart cards and proximity cards.

Numeric code keypads

From garages to storage closets to amenity spaces, your building has a lot of entrances to which you must control access. It can feel overwhelming to manage who has access to which spaces and at what times.
Keypads are access control devices that let users enter a PIN code to enter a building or room.

A numeric code keypad is the best solution for granting or identifying individual users or groups by means of secret PIN codes.

PIN codes offer the great advantage of allowing individual identification without the use of a carrier (e.g. badge).

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